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Things to do in Dublin

When spending time in Dublin, there’s a countless amount of thrilling experiences at hand to help you embrace Irish history and traditions and immerse yourself in the culture. Kick things off with one of the many free walking tours available. Dublin’s city centre is walkable – and more importantly full of attractions and places to visit! With a free walking tour, you can visit the grounds of the wonderful St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin Castle and more! Learn all about the unique stories behind these popular locations, as well as visiting local pubs and getting a quick taste of some Irish music!

Stop by the likes of the Guinness Storehouse to learn all about one of Ireland’s finest exports and hugely popular drink. Guinness has been an important fixture in Irish culture for over 250 years, and one of the best ways to soak up a quarter of a century’s worth of history is to head over to the Guinness Storehouse for a self-guided tour – plus you’ll learn how to pour the perfect Guinness, a craft like no other!

Dublin City Centre is enriched with captivating museums, most of which are free to enter! Whether you like art, history, archaeology, writings, Dublin has it all. Factor in some time to drop in and gain an understanding about some of the riveting works that make the Emerald Isle what it is today. For another kind of tour, we recommend visiting Kilmainham Jail, or Kilmainham Gaol as we say here in Ireland! For a truly fascinating insight into the Irish War of Independence, Kilmainham Gaol is a must-see for anyone visiting Dublin.

And of course, the Irish Dance Party is the most important stop for you on your visit to Dublin. The Irish Dance Party will show you every bit of Irish culture you could imagine in a highly interactive environment. Located in The Celt pub in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, the Irish Dance Party gives you the chance to embrace our heritage and traditions like no other experience. Learn how to perform some of our favourite Irish dance routines with our skilled and travelled dancers. Learn all about Irish history and the Irish mindset in the best way imaginable – through our famous music. The musician at the Irish Dance Party will talk to you about the songs being played, the stories behind these songs, and the manner in which they are performed, all of which tie in heavily with our culture. The old school Irish songs discuss different topics in our storied past, from gaining our independence, songs about love, songs about loss, and of course a few songs about drinking. Not to mention, the Celt has one of the finest pints of Guinness on offer in all of Dublin! What more could you want?

We offer dance parties for everybody! Whether you’re a solo traveller, a large group, hen party, traveling with family, or even a student group, the Irish Dance Party is suitable for all! Don’t miss out on one of Dublin’s best-loved and most exhilarating experiences. Book your Irish Dance Party today!