Fun Irish Dancing Lessons with a Music & Dance Show!

Schedule: 3-5pm 7 days. Groups may be booked at other times

About The Show

Irish Dancing Lessons

Experience a bit of Irish culture in a really fun and interactive way!

The Irish Dance Party consists of fun Irish dancing lessons fused together with live, world class, Irish music and dance performances by the hosts as well as plenty of good old fashioned Irish banter to create Dublin's ultimate cultural party experience.

Latest News

Irish dance lessons embraced by MTV cast

MTV comes to the Irish Dance Party!

Entire Geordie Shore Cast Having a great time with the Irish Dance Party learning Irish dance lessons, while filming for the autumn series. See this and more with our blog updates on things to do in Dublin. Click here.


Irish Music

Great student activities

We cater for student activities groups of all ages 7 days a week. The Irish Dance Party is a great way for students to be introduced to Irish music, dance and culture in a really fun and interactive way. We have been hugely popular with students down through the years.

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The Irish Dance Party