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Interesting Dublin birthday ideas

Do you have any ideas for a birthday present for a friend or member of your family? Allow us to assist you!


Irish Dance's Origins and History

What we think of as "traditional" Irish dancing today is actually just a small piece of a much larger story that spans generations.


Blogging about Dublin hen party activities

Any lady worth her salt will have a hen party. It's an opportunity to glow in the limelight, reunite with loved ones, and enjoy yourself thoroughly.


Start the hen

Our goal is to make arranging your hen party as simple as possible. That's why we made this checklist of all the things you absolutely must complete before the big day.


The Ultimate Guide to Arranging the Perfect Dublin Girls' Night Out!

Girls' night out is a tradition that dates back quite a while. It's a chance for ladies to let loose and have some fun together...


Just how did hen parties grow throughout time?

To have fun with the bride's female friends and family members before the wedding is to have a hen party. In addition to including them in the preparations, this event offers a chance to...


The Best Five European Spots for a Hen Party

There are a lot of fun destinations in Europe to choose from for a hen weekend. However, if you want your vacation to be exciting and memorable, try visiting one of these five places.


How do people in other countries celebrate hen parties?

A hen party is a great way to spend your last night as a single woman before you get married and start your new life. You can have an adventure in any one of the unique places around the world.


Dublin's The Merchant's Arch is a must-see attraction

Dublin is a massive attraction for visitors visiting Ireland. It's a great destination to visit, live, or work, and it also has a rich history and culture. Dublin is well-known for its attractiveness, convenience...


A Brief Overview of Irish Culture for Visitors

Ireland has a rich culture and a wide variety of people. It is estimated that the Irish language has been in use for more than 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest vernaculars in Europe.


What to do best when studying in Ireland

Since the Irish government has long welcomed foreign students, Ireland has emerged as a prominent destination for those looking to study abroad.


How to Make the Most of Your Time in Ireland as an International Student

The people of Ireland can attest to the fact that their country is stunning, but overseas students have a lot to look forward to while studying there.


What are the top tourist attractions in Dublin for Visitors

Dublin, the country's capital, has been at the heart of Irish culture for generations. Where should I stay and what should I do in Dublin? Some ideas are as follows:


Insights on Irish Culture That Most Visitors Miss

You know that Irish culture is well-established and steeped in tradition regardless of whether or not you have ever travelled to Ireland.That holds true in terms of the country's history as well as its contemporary culture.


The All-In-One Travel and Cruise Reference

There are countless exciting destinations to explore all across the world. While some choose to stay there for many weeks at a time with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some folks wish to hit the road for a whole year.


Hire The Irish Dance Party to make your cruise party one for the books.

Is there something missing from your event that you feel would make it truly special? No need to keep looking. We have everything you need to throw an Irish dance party that will have your guests talking about it for years to come!


Adults: €25 per person
(Groups over 10 persons €22)
Students: €15 per person
Local language school students: €12 per person.


Voted one of the top 5 hen party activities in Dublin by the White Pages Wedding magazine

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