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The Irish Dance Party | Start the hen party!

You are going to have a Hen Party!

Use our handy Dublin hen party planning guide!
Our goal is to make arranging your hen party as simple as possible. That’s why we made this checklist of all the things you absolutely must complete before the big day.

Tradition says that the bride-to-be’s last social event is her hen party. It’s a fun opportunity for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her loved ones before the big day. Most of the time, a private location like a restaurant or nightclub plays host to these events.

There is a wide variety of dining and nightlife options in Dublin. Where to begin is the problem.

You will need to plan the following for your hen party:

  • Place
  • Theme
  • Decoration
  • Food and drinks
  • Dances and music

We have something that can only be found in Dublin.

The Irish Dance Party is a fun and original way to celebrate your hen party. They’ve had guests from all over the world, and their reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and are fantastic.

Here, we’ll show you what makes this idea special.

  • The Merchant’s Arch, near the historic Ha’penny Bridge, is a prime location for a performance by “The Irish Dance Party.” Only two Guild Halls from the nineteenth century survive in Dublin, and this is one of them. Inviting social gatherings here will surely result in an unforgettable experience due to the venue’s unique character and beautiful surroundings.
  • If you want a fun and unique theme for your hen party, “The Irish Dance Party” is perfect. Fun for all ages, young and old alike, it is the only hen party activity in Dublin that can genuinely claim to be a true Irish experience. Aside from being a unique and clever method to celebrate your big day, it also sends a message about the best of Irish customs.
  • The stage is set up in a lovely way. Professional dancers dressed in traditional Irish clothes and musicians playing Irish music will make your day unique and memorable. The decor and Irish atmosphere of “The Irish Dance Party” will make it the best thing you do in Dublin, and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.
  • In a gorgeous Irish environment, guests may kick back with a drink while listening to some of Dublin’s most talented musicians and vocalists perform. Professional Irish dancers put on spectacular, coordinated shows for the guests. Unlike outdoor options for a hen party in Dublin, this one can go on rain or shine, as a lot of rainfall happens in this area.
  • The music and dancing in “The Irish Dance Party” are certainly highlights, but the concert itself is what makes it very special. They provide lively and funny performances of traditional Irish songs and instrumental music while also providing an entertaining and informative history of the music’s and dances’ origins. They include a dancing lesson to make it not only fun but also instructive and exclusive.