The Best Five European Spots for a Hen Party

The Irish Dance Party | The Best Five European Spots for a Hen Party


The Irish capital city, Dublin, is a favourite stag and hen weekend destination. The flight time from London is a little under two hours, yet the city will feel like another planet. Because Dublin was once the political and cultural centre of the Celtic peoples, it offers a variety of historical and cultural values.

With your group of pals, you may do a lot of things in Dublin, from sightseeing to partying at one of the city’s many clubs and pubs. The Merchant’s Arch (one of Dublin’s oldest clubs) has terrific entertainment by The Irish Dance Party.

Featuring the greatest of Irish music and dancing from award-winning musicians, the Irish Dance Party is one of the most popular events in Dublin for hen parties. This is a two-hour party where guests may dance to their own beat. You may reserve a table in advance and relax between dances at a real Irish bar. You can relax knowing that your day will be filled with wonderful moments thanks to their entertaining and skilled Irish music and dance performances.


Amsterdam is the place to visit where anything is possible. The city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, has a lot to offer and may be the perfect location for your hen weekend.

Activities in Amsterdam range from canal boat trips to cycling through the city’s famed tulip fields. You may also enjoy its many museums, boutiques, and cafes, as well as the largest flower market in the world. And if you’re in need of some relaxation, why not visit one of the city’s numerous art galleries? The Anne Frank House Museum is only one of several historical sites and museums in the area.


Barcelona is a hot spot for hen parties. To say that this city is gorgeous would be an understatement. There is so much to see and do here, from museums to shopping to strolling the charming streets. There are a great variety of restaurants, pubs, and clubs to explore throughout the evening hours. There are lots of beaches in the area if you’re wanting to soak up some sunshine, and the city’s food and drink scene is second to none.


The city of Berlin is an excellent choice for hen parties. There’s much to do and the nightlife is fantastic. If you’re tired of the same old parties, this is what you need. It’s a city where life goes on around the clock. and an excellent place to enjoy electronic and techno music and have a memorable evening out.


Prague is a beautiful city. In Summer, winter, spring, or autumn, you won’t regret visiting this beautiful location. Prague’s finest feature is that it caters to a broad group of visitors. You have the option to either go out and party into the small hours or stay in and relax with your pals.

And if you need a break from the city, day excursions to places like Kutna Hora and Karlovy Vary are easily available.

Europe is packed with options for hen parties, but these five stand out as the finest. The best European cities for a hen party are Dublin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Each of them is different in some way.